What we stand for


We are proud of the cutting-edge technology we develop. We believe that collaborative endeavor is the only way to produce real innovation. Our partners inspire us with their passion and expertise to continually improve and to achieve more, better, faster


From 65nm to 7nm, our product roadmap is uncompromising. Our growing presence as a world leader in the aerospace industry has established our global footprint. We provide first in class Rad-Hard SoC-FPGA solutions and deliver unparalleled support


We are dedicated to upholding a record that is beyond reproach with our partners and collaborators. We promote values we believe in and abide by. We pledge to act responsibly towards the environment, which we are committed to protecting and preserving

About Us

NanoXplore leads Europe in the design and development of SoC FPGA technology. Our company has ties with clients all over the world.

We craft state-of-the-art radiation-hardened components and offer a comprehensive portfolio of SoC and FPGA devices for the aerospace, defense and industrial markets, as well as our flagship suite of design software tools.