NG-MEDIUM and FUSIO-RT : Mission completed on the dark side of the Moon!

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Paris, France – June 5, 2024 -NanoXplore and 3D PLUS are proud to
announce their involvement in the successful Chang’e 6 mission, which
recently landed on the far side of the Moon. The mission, led by China,
aimed to collect lunar samples and install scientific equipment on the
Moon’s surface. Both the landing and the collection of samples were
resounding successes, with the shuttle now back in space.

Among the equipment installed was the French-made DORN (Detection
of Outgassing RadoN) instrument, assembled in Toulouse by IRAP. This
instrument was sent to measure radon emissions, a radioactive gas
continuously produced in the lunar soil. The DORN instrument includes
the FUSIO RT, which integrates the NG-MEDIUM FPGA from NanoXplore.

“3D PLUS is honored to have its products, including FUSIO RT, RIMC
SDRAM and POL Converters, incorporated into this ambitious scientific
instrument” Pierre-Eric Berthet, Director General . The FUSIO RT
component is a key element of the DORN instrument. This computer core
offers exceptional performance and resilience in the challenging space
environment in one single miniaturized package. It can withstand radiation
and extreme temperatures, ensuring the reliability and functionality of
the instrument. “Our commitment to providing high-quality and reliable
components for space applications has been proven once again with our
involvement in the Chang’e-6 mission”, said Berthet.

FUSIO RT component embeds NanoXplore’s NG-MEDIUM, their first space
qualified rad-hard FPGA thought and made for space. NG-MEDIUM is one
of NanoXplore’s ever growing catalog of rad-hard FPGAs, composed of
65nm to 28nm FDSOI technology based on STMicroelectronics nodes,
and has been selected in many space missions. Developed thanks to the
continuous support of CNES, ESA and the European commission, the NG
Family will also soon grow to incorporate the 7nm technology.

This mission marks a significant milestone in the histories of both 3D
PLUS and NanoXplore, showcasing the tremendous effort and talent
involved in deploying French and European equipment on the Moon.
Both companies remain committed to providing innovative and
groundbreaking technology for many years to come.